About Us

Superior quality and superlative performance
positions Albion in a class of its own

The Birth of our Brand

Started in 1985 by Paul and Sherry Belton, the Albion brand was born out of a desire to pioneer a truly premium range of equestrian competition saddles, bridles and accessories which exceeded all expectations.

Albion (meaning ‘Old England’) is a brand, which epitomises British manufacturing at its very best, blending traditional values and artisan craftsmanship with revolutionary design and state of the art technology. At the heart of Albion’s success is the tremendous pride the company takes in producing beautifully handcrafted items, which embrace the carefully honed skills and processes that have been passed down through the generations.

Specialist Sporting Products

The specialist Albion Sporting division was created in 2011 when Annie Belton, alongside fellow director Fin Green, identified the significant potential to keep the strong Albion brand values alive in a new collection which capitalised on the renowned close links that exist between avid equestrian and shooting enthusiasts. Albion Sporting provides an exclusive portfolio of luxurious leather accessories, with every product boasting the distinguished effortless style that has become synonymous with Albion.

Just like Albion Saddlemakers, a dedication to excellence permeates throughout the Albion Sporting business, necessitating a meticulous attention to detail and an ongoing resolve to work with only the very best materials to guarantee outstanding quality and the creation of a truly exceptional product.

It is this relentless drive for superior quality and superlative performance that positions Albion in a class of its own.