Maximum comfort, allows maximum performance

Albion offers extensive choice and variety in our bridles, and we understand how important it is to choose a bridle that will best fit you and your horse’s unique needs. This is why our bridle selection is broken down to include KB bridles, complete headstalls, padded headpieces, slips, cheeks, browbands, nosebands, and horse reins.

Each unique feature of the bridle has been specially designed to promote comfort at each point. For example, the headpieces we sell are padded and shaped in order to reduce pressure from behind the ears and increase ease of wear for the horse. Not only this, but our entire range comes in a variety of colours, meaning you can choose a design that matches your requirements but is also aesthetically pleasing.

With all bridles and its extra features, fitting and comfort is vital. Understanding the size of your horse and best matching that with each feature of your horse’s bridle is imperative. At Albion, you can build your own bridle and pick the size of each part of your bridle, which makes fitting much easier.