The main purpose of using a noseband is to reduce the likelihood of your horse crossing his jaw or opening his mouth. They also help hold the bridle in place and balance the look of your horse’s head. Our range of innovative and alternative nosebands for horses create many options to help manage horses.

Our range of nosebands come in both Black and Mocca, and are all tailor-made to perfection. Whether you want a crank, hunter or drop, there is something for everyone.

Our crank nosebands have long been common in dressage. It’s capacity to be fit more tightly than a regular noseband makes it an aid in keeping the horse’s mouth closed and preventing evasive manoeuvres like jaw crossing. In comparison, flash nosebands have been developed to help close the mouth while also having a noseband that can anchor a standing martingale. They are often used for jumping. Drop nosebands encircle the horse’s nose at a lower point and are popular aids for younger horses.

The choice is yours.