Single Gun Slips

At Albion, all our single gun slips are beautifully hand-crafted, boasting unique designs and made only from premium materials.

We have three varying collections – our Classic and Virtue collections are built up of brown, traditional designs whereas our Field collection offers a modern twist with a variety of brighter colours. All collections contain a variety of both leather and canvas gun slips meaning that whatever you desire, our full collection offers something for everyone.

Taking good care of your shooting equipment is imperative. All our single gun slips ensure that the transportation of your rifle or shotgun is done carefully and efficiently. When you are out in the field and not using your gun, it’s important that your gun remains safe, unloaded and carried within a gun slip. With an Albion single gun slip, your gun remains close at hand and protected when you are on the move.

All our leather and canvas gun slips are made from the highest-quality materials meaning our single gun slips are not only stylish, they are also hardwearing and practical. Made in Britain, when you order an Albion gun slip, you can rest assured you are getting a true piece of craftsmanship.